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Published Works

Disney Publishing – Walt Disney Company, Burbank, California
Designed and illustrated various book series. Art directed and coordinated artists in execution of artwork used in packaging, merchandise and final art.

Belle’s Wedding – 5 digital spreads
Fast As Lightning! – Cars rolling board book cover, digital
Rolling With Mater! – Cars rolling board book cover, digital
Follow Your Dreams – electronic Disney Princess book, digital
Cinderella’s Fairy Tale – electronic Disney board book, digital
101 Dalmatians – 6 book series
Little Mermaid Treasure Chest – 24 book series, related merchandise, and brochure art
Disney Classics – Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty: art directed 8 books of 18 book series
Disney’s Anytime Stories – Illustrated and art directed spot illustrations Aladdin’s Adventures – 2 of six books
Little Mermaid Sight and Sound
Bambi Dot-To-Dot Activity Book
A Bug’s Life – 4 of 18 book series

Leapfrog Toys – Emeryville, California
Illustrated book series. Duties included layout, color and background design, final pencils and final art. Art directed and coordinated artists in execution of artwork used in books, related merchandise and toys.

Leap Pad Books – 20 titles

Western Publishing/Golden Books –Racine, Wisconsin
Pencil ink, and paint: paper dolls, covers and interiors for coloring books, sticker books and puzzles.

Paper Dolls – Hercules, Anastasia, Hunchback, Pocahontas, Little Mermaid Jigsaw Puzzle - Little Mermaid

Coloring Books – Lion King, Pocahontas, Hunchback, Snow White. Sleeping Beauty
Books - Between the Lions – 2 of series
Sticker books – Hunchback, Lion King Snow White

Mattel toys - Torrance, California
Style Guide Art - pencils, ink and paint

Magic Nursery Babies

American Red Cross – Washington, D.C.
Created original characters, designed and illustrated activities-picture book and related merchandise. 9 million copies in 5 languages.

Waddles Presents – Aquacktic Safety



Harcourt, Brace – San Diego, California

Designed characters and illustrated children’s books and covers.

Zelda Hammersmith – 3 book series
Betsy – 4 book series
Marshmallow Muscles, Banana Brainstorms Penny and Peter – 2 book series

Primrose Day 2+2=4

Concord Records – Los Angeles, California Illustrated Album Covers.

Mel Torme and George Shearing Do World War II

Maranatha! Music – Lake Forest, California
Designed and illustrated characters for children’s books, record covers, and elated merchandise

Psalty – 9 of record series: coloring books, and storybook records Nannybird – 2 of record series; Nannybird Cookbook
Colby – 5 of record series
Lamb, Year of Jubilee

Psalms Alive II


Tor Publishers – New York, New York

Illustrated and art directed spot illustrations for book series

Great Predators of the Land

Great Predators of the Sea

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